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An action game where you play as a cat god and stop sun king from building his temple.

COFFINGAMES.COM REVIEW: In this game, you are given one power to start with and that is fireball. Then with every level you unlock a new power like sandworm, skeleton, soul jar, curse, etc. Now there is more to it, each and every power can be upgraded to 3 levels based on the experience that you gain. Experience for a particular power increases when you use that power. With every power if you perform certain tricks, then you will earn the in-game currency, that is golden scarabs. Like if you kill 3 enemies at once with a single fireball, you will earn one golden scarab. Now question is what you can buy with golden scarabs. When you use powers in the game, then it uses certain mana. So with this currency, you can buy items that increases mana generation, increase mana inital amount and also you can buy new powers with it. So, go ahead and stop sun king's men from building temple in each level, unlock new powers, buy upgrades and have fun!

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