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Danger Dungeon - An RPG style action game for serious gamers. Fight monsters in the dungeon, collect treasures while gaining skills and abilities and help your friends escape.
Coffingames.com Review: You start your adventure journey in the dangerous dungeon by selecting and customizing your character. Move along the map to explore different areas in the dungeon, which will lead you into many enemies including weird skeletons, magicians, swordsmen, etc and also you will get to grab many items lying on the ground including weapons of different types, armor, amulets, potions, etc. You may customize your skill set and abilities to suit your play style. In the end of it all, you will have to defeat the final master who lies at the heart of the dungeon and rescue your friends. Note that you must taunt the enemies if they are beating your friends too badly. Also let your friends collect some potions, they share them and then hand the rest to you. You can swap equipment with your friends as well. To do that, click the item in inventory, change inventory page, click to equip the item on a friend or store it in their bags. You can share potions this way too.You may use the wait button to cancel attack instructions to your allies, click on an empty floor area to cancel attacks for yourself. Sell unneeded equipment and potions since every $2500 gives you an extra stat point to spend.

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