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Dragon Quest - A fun physics platform game where you explore dangers and mysteries of a deadly castle. Press C to attack, X to jump and arrow keys to move. Okay, I completed the game to finish. Here is the walkthrough of first few levels. In every level once you complete the task, key will fall from sky and with that once you reach the door you will complete the level.
Level 1 - Go and hit the bell
Level 2 - Obvious choice is to avoid the rolling wooden circles and reach the exit after collecting the key
Level 3 - With the help of arrow throwing machine, hit the rope to make way to exit
Level 4 - Skeletons can not be killed by the weapon you are carrying. You have to use level mechanics to make these skeletons fall into traps. In level 4 lure him under the spikes, obviously saving yourself at the same time.
Level 5 - First boss fight, make him hit the mirrors with his fireball and let fireball go back to him. Once you do this with all the 4 mirrors, you win the boss and hence the level. Rest of the game is for you to figure out. A minor hint for level 9, you must first stop the axe with lever and jump on top of it to jump over to other side.

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