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An epic action strategy game with loads of upgrades to earn, units to unlock and enemies to kill.
Coffingames.com Review: I have been very busy past few weeks finishing this game. It required lots of balancing and many rounds of UI tweaking as well. But I can say I am happy with all the work I did on it. You start off by placing 3 units, two swordsmen and 1 archer. Then as time goes by, enemies start to come to attack your fort gates. You earn gold with each kill. Goal of the game is to defend and survive all the enemy waves till the end. There are four modes in the game - easy,normal,hard,insane. Its best to start playing on easy mode. Press P inside the game to go to options menu If you want to dig deeper into finding the right strategy for the game, then here is the full strategy guide. Use strategy guide to know more on how to beat hard and insane modes and it also describes general strategies for the game as well. I hope you like it, as much as I enjoyed making it. Good luck, have fun!

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nathan (Guest)

i can't play! it won't show all the screen
ASHIK (Guest)

ghg (Guest)

How to beat INSANE 1. speers 2. gold 3. population 4. double swords 5. horses