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Shoot the zombies before they destroy your truck. Buy weapons, upgrades, extra men to help you out in this buggy shooter game! Review: After playing this, we got to say that this has a lot of potential and it could certainly be a great game if the developer laid stress on certain things which we will be mentioning shortly. It starts out simple where you have to shoot the zombies following your truck. You shoot with both the truck and chopper at the same time. However if the zombies destroy your health before you can kill them all in one wave, then game would be over and you will have to start all over again. So, be careful in that regard. After every wave is over, you are given upgrades and weapons to buy. However there are few bugs in the buy screen that you may find if you play the game long enough. But the kind of upgrades this game provides are really cool. You can not only buy extra weapons for your helicopter shooter and truck but you can also buy extra men that will help you in shooting. I almost forgot to mention the nice plow trucks that come in when you press Space bar and they remove all the garbage zombies out who are trying to finish your truck. Overall, gameplay and graphics are nice, music is good but the game has few bugs and its a little hard on users after they run out of truck's life. All in all a good game!

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