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Rebuild 2 - Your city is overrun by zombies and its your task to make it zombie free! Review: When you start playing it, you might lose track of time completely. This is addictive. You are given 4 buildings to start with. Each building has its specific purpose. Once you click on a building, you can do loads of things including but not limited to farming, scouting, recruiting survivors, reclaiming, killing zombies and what not. You have a bunch of survivor units to start with whom you employ for missions in different buildings. Each mission requires some days to complete. Also you can recruit more survivors and that ways you can grow more faster. Also try to maintain happiness of the town by listening to what people ask for. If happiness level goes down, survivors might refuse to follow your orders. You have to reclaim each and every building in order to win the game. That takes a lot of time but its fun!

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