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CoffinGames: Play Best Online Games

  • Classic Seep
    13702 Gameplays
    Seep is a classic fishing card game similar to card games like scopa and cassino. Learn the game through in-game tutorial and have fun.
  • Dodge And Kill
    9120 Gameplays
    Dodge And Kill - Great action game with a lot to offer. Explosions, jetpack, fighter planes, it has everything one would desire in an action game. Just like our every game we at coffingames worked hard on this in order to make it as much fun as possible. To grab the weapons dropped by enemies, hover your mouse over them. If you like this game then do tell us what would you want in the sequel in comments section. Expect a sequel soon.
  • Friction Physics 2
    15091 Gameplays
    Friction Physics 2 - Friction Physics is back with more fun levels, better graphics and gameplay. Review: We have tried to improve upon the original version of the game in terms of both artwork and gameplay, from the feedback received from our users. If you get stuck, check out the walkthrough. One tip though, if gravity is turned off, then friction cannot exist between bodies that exert force on each other due to gravity. Theoretically, Frictional force of gravity on a static object lying on ground = (Coefficient of friction between two bodies in contact)*(Normal reaction). Normal Reaction = mass*gravity which comes by balancing vertical forces in the free body diagram of the static object lying on the ground. No need to memorize it, was just some extra information. Play and have fun.
  • Epic Defense Battles
    10707 Gameplays
    Epic Defense Battles - Build your army, fight for survival, unlock achievements and special powers in this epic strategy defense game with loads of action. Review: Sequel to our very own game Epic Defense, this game has a lot more action with 3 classes to choose from and achievements to unlock. Each achievement except the first one, grants you a special power like freeze enemies, blast enemies at gates, raining arrows, etc. This time, we present to you a lot more improved upgrade system as well as a well balanced class based gameplay. Each class has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, which one would you want to be - The riders, the rangers or the bounty hunters ? It is full of surprises with a lot of fun stuff to unlock. A strategy guide is available here
  • Epic Defense
    13218 Gameplays
    An epic action strategy game with loads of upgrades to earn, units to unlock and enemies to kill. Review: I have been very busy past few weeks finishing this game. It required lots of balancing and many rounds of UI tweaking as well. But I can say I am happy with all the work I did on it. You start off by placing 3 units, two swordsmen and 1 archer. Then as time goes by, enemies start to come to attack your fort gates. You earn gold with each kill. Goal of the game is to defend and survive all the enemy waves till the end. There are four modes in the game - easy,normal,hard,insane. Its best to start playing on easy mode. Press P inside the game to go to options menu If you want to dig deeper into finding the right strategy for the game, then here is the full strategy guide. Use strategy guide to know more on how to beat hard and insane modes and it also describes general strategies for the game as well. I hope you like it, as much as I enjoyed making it. Good luck, have fun!
  • Greenator Reloaded
    26643 Gameplays
    Sequel to our very own unique physics puzzle game Greenator, Greenator reloaded combines more fun levels and addictive gameplay. Review: We wanted to make it since long now since the original success of greenator. Though this time its lot more different and has very unique level set. Initial levels are easy as they go along explaining the concept while later levels increase in difficulty in terms of thought process. We have reduced timing factor which was of essence in original greenator that left many players frustrated. However in this one, thought process and making correct moves is much more important. Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Have fun!
  • Its Like Gravity 2
    111420 Gameplays
    Shift gravity at your own will! Make the ball reach the flag in the sequel to the great physics game Its Like Gravity.
  • Speed Challengers 2
    16917 Gameplays
    An exclusive game by coffingames! Play Speed Challengers 2 with a lot more balanced and addictive gameplay and better graphics. Drive your car over the bridges, buy upgrades and complete all challenges to finish the game
  • The Tricky Tumblers 2
    21668 Gameplays
    The Tricky Tumblers 2 is a sequel to extremely successful flash game The Tricky Tumblers. It is a mind boggling puzzle game based on the classic water jug puzzle with several twists and turns added to it. Play the most challenging bonus levels only on
  • The Tricky Tumblers
    37611 Gameplays
    An Exclusive game by Coffin Games. A mind boggling level based puzzle game with several twists, well balanced difficulty level and addictive gameplay!! Check out the walkthrough if you get stuck :)